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NEWSLETTER VOL 5 2019     (online version)


Firstly, we want to thank everybody that made contributions in June 2019. In advance we want also to thank each person who is going to assist in the future this project because without your assistance this project cannot be a success.

May 2019 – donors:

  • Uncle Hennie & Petro Vorster
  • Bruce Middleton

At the moment our food bank is empty as can be and even our emergency stock is depleted. We desperately need any kind of food donations. During the last two months we didn’t received any food donations. We will not be able to give food parcels to any of our families at the end of June.

The following items are needed very urgently:

* food (any type fresh, frozen, tin food and perishable & non-perishable items)

* meat (mince, chicken, pork, beef, wors, sausages, etc.)

* toiletries (toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, sanitary products, razors)

* general cleaning products (refuse bags, dishwashing liquid, washing powder)

* baby products (nappies, milk formula, baby food). 

This month we have our 67 Minute-Project (on 18 July we are celebrating International Mandela Day) were you can give 67 minutes of your time to do good for others. We are asking that you give on this day one or more food item, even if it is as small as like a packet of soup or a packet of two minute noodles, etc. 

We are also starting this time of year with our Christmas Treasure Box Project (this is only for school children under 18 as well as elderly persons above 60 years). We choose to start it in July to go along with the theme “Christmas in July”. The closing date is 23 December 2019 and the name list is available at: hannelie.skenkings@gmail.com OR sc@kospakkiessc.co.za

Please also visit our new webpage at: www.kospakkiessc.co.za

Due to a shortage of donations certain projects had to be discontinued and are only the following projects still on-going.

We also want to thank Bruce Middleton for our new email address, webpage and for handling our newsletters and much more. 

We also want to welcome Marelize Kapp as one of our new drop-off point in Dana bay.

*** We are still looking for a second persons in Still bay as well as Riversdale AND two persons in Gouritz. You must be financially stable, and must have WhatsApp and internet connection. If you are interested please send me a email to: hannelie.skenkings@gmail.com *** 


Hannelie Pretorius

Southern Cape Co-ordinator: Hannelie Gee Om/The Southern Cape Food Parcel Project



Food & Toiletries

Senior Citizens


Easter Eggs

School Lunches

Soup Kitchen

67 Minutes

Christmas Box

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Youth Day

Job Creation

If you would like to make and ad-hoc donation. please do so into the following account.

Account Name: ABRINA 4858

Bank: FNB Account No.: 62-59-84-53-513

Branch Code: 254-005

Reference: Southern Cape Branch

COMING SOON...   Alternatively, you are welcome to use our PayFast facility.
We accept most payment methods.



Please see our typical grocery list.

If you know of any shops in your area that want to become part of this project and can assist with donations please contact us. Even if it is products with damaged packaging material. Fruit and vegetables that is bruised or products that are near their sell by date.

* We are also relying on financial backing to buy products that do not get donated.

A SARS 18A certificate will be issued on Request of the donor.

Here is a list of drop off points in the Eden/Hessequa area.

If you would like to become a point for drop offs and/or a volunteer to raise funds/donation please contact me.

For any suggestions or inquiries on projects you are more than welcome to contact us!!!

Please tell friends, family, colleagues, etc. because without your help this project can’t be successful.

Thank you very much.

Hannelie Pretorius

Southern Cape Project Co-ordinator

WhatsApp 073 543 8778

2019 Drop Off Points Hannelie Pretorius Magtiging