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Dear Tourism Stakeholders of the Eden District.  A number of people have banded together to produce a weekly tourism newsletter for the Eden District Municipal area.    The newsletter is aimed at keeping those in the industry up to date with events and news of interest to those in the tourism sector.  There is also a link to a page where you can subscribe to the newsletter.  If you click on the GR&KK logo you will be taken back to the landing page.  There are icons in the top right-hand corner that link to the GR&KK Facebook and Twitter pages.  There are links to the Tourism Office websites in the seven municipalities at the top of all the newsletters as well as on the landing page.  Every week we will feature and event, a news story and a local business.  Other upcoming events are categorized by town and the news is grouped together.  There are links to forms where you can submit your news and events for publication.  This will initially be done free of charge until there is adequate awareness.  Under each events category is a Facebook icon linking to the #Visit—SA Facebook pages.  This is our first attempt and we welcome any comments and/or suggestions.  We would like to create awareness at first and then consider advertising options for the various stakeholders.  Please share this newsletter with anyone you may think would like to receive it.

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