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Carmel News Letter: July 2018  online version

June has flown past with a number of successful events. “Kingdom Life Style Wellness” led by Drummond and Lindah Robinson for those in ministry leadership was well attended and beneficial to all who came. This was followed by a Women’s retreat themed “He Leads Me Beside Still Waters”, which was successfully run by Paula Buchel and Katherine Marsden. This programme provided a time of reflection and teaching on Psalm 23 and the group of ladies so enjoyed the time at Carmel and the peaceful break. The Prime Plus that we held in June was entitled “Passing on the Baton” and the blessing of great weather allowed for fun outdoor activities in the afternoons, after morning input and worship.  As we entered July, the highlight was the “Israel Foundation Course” run by Chris Eden from Bridges for Peace. All of these programmes will be coming up again next year and are not to be missed.

Upcoming Events for 2018

The Celtic Retreat 

19th to 24th August 2018

The speaker will be Michael Mitton who has written a number of books on the Celtic missionaries to Britain. This programme is now fully booked.

“Kingdom Life Style Wellness”

21st to 26th of October

This Retreat is presented by Drummond and Lindah Robinson for those in positions of leadership.

Prime Plus: “Celebrate Life”

28th October to 2nd of November 2018

This Programme has been designed for retired people with activities including walks, bird watching and workshops on gardening, cooking, scrapbooking and journaling, and promises to be both fun and inspirational. 

Our Christmas Holiday Programme includes Derek Fish and his Family who will be here over Christmas. Those who have experienced his activities will not want to miss out this year. 

We are also working on the programme for next year and would value your prayers and support for some of the events we are looking at. Many years ago, we held young family retreats during February when the schools had started, and before the universities began. Perhaps you were one of those students and remember being on one of those lovely programmes. These days, the university students sometimes start their terms before the schools begin, but it has been suggested we run the programme using Grannies and Grandpas to do the baby sitting and run some of the events. 

Next Easter will be from the 19th to the 22nd of April 2019, two weeks after the end of the school holidays which last from the 15th of March to 2nd of April 2019. The Schools Rugby Week will be held during the first week of the holidays and we are planning a Holiday Programme to include something attractive for the rugby players. However, Easter is now open for us to offer a great programme. Please pray for us as we plan for these events. 

As June came to an end, Milton Schoultz passed away peacefully at home after struggling with cancer for a few months.

His funeral was held a week later in the Chapel and we all expressed our condolences to his wife Rachel, who is also employed at Carmel as a Cook. Milton was a loyal Carmel staff member for twenty-three years, and we will all miss him, but we are grateful for his life and the commitment that he and his family made to serving in our ministry. 

The coming months will be busy with an exciting number of church and ministry group reservations leading up to December.  If you would like to come to Carmel for the Christmas Holidays, now is the time to book as reservations are coming in rapidly. 

Both group and individual bookings have increased overall, and we see a bright future ahead.  You may remember that a number of proposals were put forward to modernise and upgrade our facilities and thus expand our ministry.  If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, we ask that you reply to this e-mail and we will be happy to give you details about what we are planning to do and where we would appreciate help.   

Any donations towards the upgrades would certainly be welcomed.  If you would like to make a contribution towards this aspect of our ministry, please specify Ministry Projects when making a payment to the following account:


ACCOUNT NAME:        The Carmel Evangelical Trust

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   082899096

BANK:                          Standard Bank

BANK CODE:                050214

Just a reminder that we also have a ministry fund which sponsors our programmes and needy guests. This is operating very successfully with people who sponsor programmes and events as well as providing financial assistance for their friends and family to stay at Carmel. 

Many many thanks, once again to all of our wonderful sponsors of the past. We really appreciate your continued support of our ministry and we hope to welcome you at Carmel soon! 

God Bless

 Harry Munnings


Telephone: 044 8890019

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